Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The inhabitants of Kusumasarovara
Ma, Santi devi dasi

Ma & Palindri

Ma & Palindri are cooking the feast for Srila Prabhupada
on His disappearance day, Nitai in the background is singing
bhajan, and of course little Manu (Manini) is around there too.

The evening arati

Just absorbed your mind in Krsna

Hanumanji`s sindhur-lila

The passing away of Pitaji
Sri Ramsevak Thakur

A real brijbhasi baby Manini
(Manu), Ma`s niece , with her purity

Manu with bua Palindri

Manu with uncle Nitai

Manu offers a pair of new bangles to
the Deities before she wears them

Lalis: Lalita & Radhika
They regularly visit the evening arati

From the school just behind the Mandir

We cannot leave them out from the scene:

I`m in samadhi!

This is the age of Vaisnava seva